What is Kahn?
Kahn is a free way to play all of your older DOS and Windows IPX multiplayer games over the internet. Our most popular games include: The Descent series, C&C/Red Alert, Mechwarrior, WarCraft, StarCraft, Scarab, and more! No ads, nags, restrictions, or fluff to get in the way of your gaming experience. (more...)

You do not need the Kahn Software to chat on our chat server. If you feel like chatting, setting up your own chat room, or staging a popular TCP/IP game... You can always logon with any standard IRC client. IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". If you use mIRC or X-Chat, click on one of the links below to get started.

irc://cookies.on.ca.blitzed.org or irc://kahnchat.game-host.org

We also provide a web based IRC interface which can be found at http://irc.kahncentral.net ::: WEB BASED CHAT IS OFFLINE

Important Announcements


    . Kahn chat is now being ran on cookies.on.ca.blitzed.org. Thank you Knopi

  • LATEST NEWS [04-24-2004]: Our primary IRC (chat) Servers are going offline for good. I recieved news of this last night from Tiny. Someone was causing some problems by DDOS'ing the IRC server.

    I have setup a new IRC server on one of my home machines. The address is kahnchat.game-host.org port 6667 All services (NickServ / ChanServ) are running properly. All Nicks and Channels have been restored. There will be no channel take overs. Please email me if you have any problems.


  • If you are running the ZoneAlarm firewall and are having trouble playing on Kahn, try turning it off. Find out how to enable the ports Kahn needs here.

  • Kahn will not run on Windows NT, 2000, or XP. Read why.

  • The Kahn Web-Site is under reconstruction and some features may be inaccessible.

  • Kahn IRC server address kahnchat.game-host.org port 6667 lobby = #kahn ONLINE

  • The Kahn Central Network is hosted by Dedicated-Host.net